Can artwork influence employee productivity?

In the interior design field, it’s widely understood that the use of colour and plants within the workplace can be used to improve employee job satisfaction and productivity. Artwork can do the same without painting walls or hiring an interior designer.

Smart business owners understand that displaying artwork in the workplace can do more than impress visitors.  It influences employee efficiency, productivity and creativity.

Art can inspire and motivate. When people view impressive paintings, or photographs it gives them an innate feeling of inspiration.

Everyone’s seen those motivational posters that sometimes hang around the office. It’s the photograph of a magnificent sunsets, the power of nature or feats of athleticism that people respond to. People are inherently cynical, so over time they would work better just as a photograph, without the cliched statement at the bottom of the poster.

Artwork can evoke many different emotions and influence of the ambience of a space. Displaying artworks or photographs of natural settings, sweeping landscapes or scenes of enjoyment can create a sense of calm to the office and reduce stress. Include in few exciting modern pieces to encourage creativity and you’ll have a more productive work environment.

Creativity breeds innovation, which leads to better business practices and promotional ideas. This in turn creates growth.

Studies have shown placing artwork in the workplace has a positive effect on employee productivity job performance and satisfaction along with their ability to communicate with each other.

Art in the workplace doesn’t make everyone more creative and happy, but it sure helps. Get rid of those sterile work-spaces and hang a few well selected prints, photographs or artworks and see the change in your employees.

Install an art hanging system in your workplace, reduce stress and increase productivity.