The Benefits of Hanging Rail Systems

Not just for the Art Gallery.

Originally used in art galleries, Hanging Rail Systems are now affordable and available for use in homes, offices and showrooms. The main benefit is you can move or change your artwork without making or patching holes in your walls.

Hanging Rail Systems consist of a discreet track rail with hanging wire and hooks. Rails can be ceiling or wall mounted and powder-coated or painted to match any colour. The hanging wires can be clear perlon or twisted stainless steel for that more industrial look.

Once installed, the latest technology in hanging rails means you can adjust and rearrange your artwork without the needs for any special tools. With a discreet rail running along a wall you can arrange multiple pictures and artworks in any style you want. It might be your favourite painting at one end and a collage of family photographs at the other.

We use the Artiteq range of hanging rails and display systems. Artiteq has been creating, developing and producing hanging concepts since 1995. They offer the latest technology and quality required by our clients.

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Artiteq

Great for the kids rooms.

Hanging Rail Systems are also great for kids rooms as your cna hanging chalk or whiteboards along with the latest artwork they’ve brought home from school. No more sticky tape ripping paint off or pin holes in the walls. The systems are simple enough for your kids to hang their own special artworks.

Let their rooms grow and change with your children. Easily moving from dinosaurs to posters of sports cars, or maybe hover cars. A hanging rail system gives your offspring the freedom and flexibility to decorate their room any way they like.

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Artiteq

Hanging rail systems give you the flexibility to change and decorate your room whenever you feel like it.

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