Tips for hanging artwork and pictures.

Location and scale plays a big a role in visual impact of the artwork, just as much as the piece itself. MKZ Interiors is here to help you locate and hang your artwork correctly, with maximum impact. Our high tech hanging systems also allow to change your artwork easily.

  • Hang the art so the centre is around 1500mm off the ground which is the average person’s line of sight. When hanging multiple pictures or artworks together consider them as one large artwork with the centre at 1500mm.

  • A grid of various pieces can offer a very cost-effective way to fill a wall whilst adding colour and interest to a room. When constructing a grid, measure up the pieces and plot on some grid paper to get the spacing right. Alternatively, lay them out on the floor in front of the wall to get the order and spacing right. Then measure and record the spacing between them.

  • If hanging above a sofa or piece of furniture, like a side table, leave at least 200mm of space between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the art. As a rule when hanging over a piece of furniture the artwork should be no more than ¾ the width of the piece of furniture.

  • For impact consider using a large mirror or artwork with an ornate frame in an entrance way. Uses multiple smaller pieces in hallways or small rooms, usually in a neatly spaced grid pattern. Unique, well placed smaller pieces can have as much impact as larger pieces.

  • In a dining or living room an oversized single piece can offer a dramatic flair and conversation piece for any dinner party.

  • The colour of the frame also plays a big part in the overall impact. For grid layouts matching or neutral colours and thin frames work well. For larger walls, wider more ornate frames can add dramatic impact to the piece.

  • Slightly bigger is better than too small. A single small artwork with a lot of space around it will always look awkward.

Our hanging systems give you the flexibility and freedom to change artwork as you choose.